About Zulu X-Ray Delta


Created in 2012, ZXD is a well established European friendly gaming community with a wide range of members all over the world. We play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and many other games.

There For You

We are a gaming social and competitive network community that is built upon on fun and friendship. We pride ourselves on playing friendly games with friendly people and are always looking for new players to join our growing community.


We use a Discord server for our communication. Unlike other clans and communities we are not limited to one particular game and other voice channels are created for when members are playing their other favourite games.


We aim to actively run weekly clan fun events for those less competitive like CCFN. For the competitive players we have events like ISKT.

ZXD Wolves

The Wolves made of dedicated competitive members. We are enthusiastic competitive players as well as social gamers. ZXD administration team have helped the Squad community by joining forces with other Squad clans to create leagues and tournaments. One of which we are are currently competing in now, known as "ISKT"

Competitive & Social Players are Welcome

We would like to invite you to drop in for a chat on our Discord server if you so wish to introduce yourself and have a couple of matches with us. Feel free to join our Discord and chat to some of our existing members and clan friends. See on you on the Battlefield!